Goldmoney Launches Ether and Bitcoin Cold Storage

Coming into 2018, online investments and commodities have never been hotter. Walk into any break room, dining hall, or casual conversation, and at some point, the subject of making and investing money will come up. But rather than referencing stocks, bonds, or other traditional investments, cryptocurrency is all the rage. And while cryptocurrencies were once thought of to be sketchy and unreliable means of storing and accumulating investment revenue, the adoption of these commodities by big investment firms has dramatically changed the way people think of cryptocurrencies as investments.
Goldmoney is a world-renowned site that allows users to buy and hold gold as an investment, but now, they are offering Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum as methods of cold storage alongside their gold and traditional bitcoin offerings. This adoption of both BCH and ETH as cold storage options not only changes the entire online holdings market, but it’s yet another sign that cryptocurrencies are gaining massive legitimacy as investments in the mainstream.

No Longer a Trend

Just a few years ago, the common thought was cryptos were for those only looking to launder money anonymously or conduct illegal transactions online. While there’s no doubt that the anonymity and decentralization of cryptocurrencies were a big part of the initial appeal, things have changed. Now, everyday investors are looking for revolutionary ways to make a profit and diversify their holdings. Given the large market caps and potential for exponential growth, it’s only natural that traditional investors adopted cryptos, not because of the aforementioned attributes, but rather, because they had value for the long-term.
As a result, cryptocurrencies went from being a sketchy means of hiding transactions, and now, everyone from hardcore Wall Street experts to the housewife next door adopt and perceive cryptos and legitimate assets. And with the adoption of Bitcoin and Ether by Goldmoney, it’s just more proof that cryptos are taking the markets by storm.

Goldmoney’s Endorsement and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Goldmoney has been a leader in recent years for revolutionizing the trend of online gold storage holdings. Essentially, users looking to invest and hold assets in precious metals could now do so in a digital matter. In a manner of minutes, a new account on Goldmoney could have a vault’s worth of cold securely held in cold storage, but with the adoption of these two cryptocurrencies, Goldmoney is now a member of a growing line of recent adopters with tremendous legitimacy in the investment markets.
While many crypto investors hold their earnings in unsecured and volatile online exchanges, the advantage of investing with a Goldmoney is their proprietary security and encryption features. No different from their gold offerings, they provide their users the option of holding Bitcoin or Ether in cold storage, which enables investors to not only diversify their assets to reduce risk and volatility, but it also enables them to capitalize on a new market.

With their several-month-old crypto offerings already dwarfing their long-held gold assets, it’s proof that even online investment titans are validating the tremendous value cryptocurrencies will have for the future.