Nvidia Will Launch a Mining GPU Sooner Than Expected

TEST Nvidia, in 2017, was a major player on the graphics processing unit (GPU) side of bitcoin mining. However, even they couldn’t predict the high demands from the minor players. On January 28, 2018, at the end of Q4, Nvidia claimed revenue of $2.91 B, up by 34 percent from 2017’s $2.17 B. Nvidia reported this financial performance level wouldn’t have been possible without the firm demands from cryptocurrency miners purchasing graphics cards in bulk.

New Card Great for Ethash Coin Mining

Nvidia, a video processing hardware maker, has decided to come out with a graphics card for bitcoin mining. Referred to as P102-100, this card is going to be based on GeForce GTX 1080 Ti; however, boasts additional features that are centered around Nvidia mining purposes. The mining centric graphics cards feature its own version of “Pascal” chips we’ve seen on prior GTX 1080 Ti, as well as Titan-branded cards. Also, they’ll be based upon the Volta architecture.

Other details were leaked surrounding the graphics card: using Inno3D’s Twin X2 cooler paired with 5 heat pipes and 2 fans. One PC bracket is offered as an additional accessory. The cards also will support customized configuration which allow you to tweak with memory, as well as quicker performance; however, will not be available with video output.

P102-100 GPUs will be like P104-100 cards. They’ll come with CUDA cores 3200 that have their base clocks at 1582 MHz. Its physical memory is at 5 GB GDDR5X type, as well as is available with an 11Gbps clock and 320bit interface. Plus, there’ll be PCIe GEn1 x4 bus support in conjunction with 8-pin PCI-E connectors. Its max thermal design power is at 250 Watt.

Its GPU has a hash rate of Ethereum ~47 mh/s; ZCash ~660 Sol/s; Monero ~879 hs. This product mainly is optimized for the mining of Ethash coins. Currently, this is the only information on the bitcoin mining graphics processing unit card. There isn’t any mention of an estimated price.

Changing Expectations, Shifting Winds

The demand for graphics processing unit cards by cryptocurrency lovers, back in 2017, topped out with more than 3 million sold, and sales number of $776 mil. Nvidia and AMD both announced preparations to boost production so it can cater to demands. Nvidia even began to prepare for a “Turning” card committed to bitcoin mining. But, with the present regulatory measures taken by the government against crypto-based companies, demand diminished. Because of that, Nvidia will present the “Pascal” P102-100 cards that are going to be a less expensive alternative to these “Turning” cards. Nvidia chose to postpone the introduction of “Turing” until July and may scrap preparations to provide a mining GPU. In 2018, AMD also had concerns about declining card sales. Then, the winds changed direction with details of a new player getting into the mining GPU marketplace. In April, Asrock is set to join its competitors. The company might introduce its own GPU that’s going to be based upon AMD chips. For more articles and news on cryptocurrency visit the CoinSickBitCoin Blog.