Wirex Launching Bitcoin Debit Cards in Europe

Crypto bank Wirex is set to launch new debit cryptocurrency cards for its consumers in the EU. This new generation supports several currency accounts and will come with contactless payment function. The initial new plastic Visa cards already offered last Thursday.

Redesigned Wirex accounts and new cards are available within the United Kingdom since March 8th. Users in Germany, Italy, and France will have the ability to order their cards on March 20th. The launch day for other European Union countries will be March 27th.

A single bit is worth 0.000001 BTC, which at current prices roughly amounts to $.0004.
Transaction data is recorded permanently in a file called a block. It may be considered the individual pages of the city recorder’s record book (in which changes to real estate titles are recorded) or stock transaction ledger. A block is organized into a linear sequence over time (additionally referred to as a blockchain).

Three Kinds of Payment Cards Offered

Three kinds of payment cards are going to be provided by Wirex, a physical one which allows contactless payments, a virtual card, and prepaid debit card similar to the initial Wirex card.
According to the company’s website, users may immediately access their virtual cards upon registering, and claiming a virtual card is free.

Ordering a plastic card will require getting on a waiting list. Folks on the list are prioritized, according to Wirex Community Manager. A plastic card order submitted in the United Kingdom returned a number near 57,000.

Wirex cards may be utilized for crypto payments and instant exchange between fiat money and digital coins. Wirex claims it’s the only provider providing European people the chance to pay for services and goods by converting cryptocurrency.

Several cryptocurrency card issuers stopped operations in 2018 after Visa Europe stopped cooperating with Wavecrest, a payment provider based in Gibraltar. Representatives at Visa explained the move with ‘continuous non-compliance with operating regulations’ and stated that crypto currency-fiat card plans in additional jurisdictions wouldn’t be affected by the end of Wavecrest’s membership.

Services Provided in Southeast Asia, Japan

The Wirex cards permit for instant and free bitcoin exchanges between account holders, along with multi-signature bitcoin addresses for better security. Wirex states encryption has improved, and merchants are going to have more freedom of action with a decreased fraud risk. Residents in the UK will have the ability to utilize individual e-money accounts that have unique numbers for 3rd party payments.

You can order a virtual and/or a plastic card. They’ll support “Verified by Visa” transactions. According to a prior update on their site, when the virtual cards are available, they will have the ability to switch on their buy bitcoin exchange feature.

The company states that similar proposals are on the horizon for users within Japan and markets inside Southeast Asia. The crypto bank based in the UK is going to launch its new cards in multiple stages to ensure secure and stable support. The company is among the top providers of cryptocurrency wallets connected with virtual and physical debit cards.

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